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Target Reading 3:100 Articles for Developing Your Reading Skills (16K彩圖+1MP3)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)
Target Reading 3:100 Articles for Developing Your Reading Skills (16K彩圖+1MP3)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)
Target Reading 3:100 Articles for Developing Your Reading Skills (16K彩圖+1MP3)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)

優惠價: $315 定價: $350
作者: Owain Mckimm , Zachary Fillingham 
出版社: Cosmos
出版日期: 2012-07-09
ISBN: 978-986-318-018-0


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100 Articles for Developing Your Reading Skills
《焦點英語閱讀》系列依程度深淺分為三冊,第三冊文章長度每篇約330360字, 100篇精采引人的閱讀文章,文章內容囊括各類主題與體裁,範圍涵蓋「旅遊、動物、人物、藝術與文學、商業、娛樂、科技、文化、健康」等多元內容,選題掌握時代脈動,帶領讀者走在知識尖端,如:臉書創辦人、印度五彩節、塗鴉藝術家、北京的沙漠化、體熱能源的運用等,讓讀者在學習英文的同時,也能以英語涉獵各領域的知識。
1. 中心思想(Main Idea
2. 主題(Subject Matter
3. 細節(Supporting Details
4. 推論(Inference
5. 字彙/片語(Vocabulary/Phrases
6. 釐清技巧(Clarifying Devices
Why do you need this book?
The Target Reading series is a series of books that concentrate on developing English reading skills. The series comprises three levels of books which lead readers step by step toward mastering English reading skills. Target Reading 3 is the third volume of this series. The book has 100 articles that provide thought-provoking reading material on different themes and various topics, including Arts & Literature, Business, Culture, Entertainment, Geography, Health, History, People, Sports, and Technology. 
Each article is followed by six essential questions to help the readers understand its content. These questions address the following categories: main idea, subject matter, supporting details, inference, vocabulary/phrases, and clarifying devices. Through repeated practice with the six categories of questions, readers will be engaged and will develop a more inquiring attitude towards reading. They will gradually gain the ability to glean important information from an article. Furthermore, this thinking-while-reading strategy will prepare readers for a higher comprehension level.
How should you use this book?
Reading proficiency isn't achieved in one step. To master reading skills, readers should follow the reading plan suggested in the book. The readers will read, enjoy, and make steady progress through the 100 articles within 16 weeks.
After finishing this reading project, the readers will have expanded their vocabulary, learned about the various topics, gained confidence in using English, and enjoyed the pictures that help them connect with and comprehend the articles.
1. The Sweetest Poison 
2. The Era of the Super-Rich: The Robber Barons 
3. Chasing Cheese 
4. Zara
5. Dining in the Dark
6. Banksy: The Illegal Artist  
7. Zombie Ants 
8. Fyodor Dostoevsky: Struggle and Genius 
9. Food Fight! La Tomatina 
10. Mark Zuckerberg: from Fencing to Facebook 
11. Virtual Dressing Room 
12. The City of Music 
13. The Golden Raspberry Awards
14. Catatumbo Lightning 
15. The Soft Glow of the Natural World
16. 3D Printing 
17. The Search for Atlantis
18. Holi: The Festival of Colors
19. Gates of Hell 
20. The Most Poisonous Creatures in the World 
21. The Collapse of a Wall Street Dynasty
22. The Adventures of Tintin
23. The Salar de Uyuni 
24. The French Paradox 
25. Parallel Universes 
26. Permanent Tongue-Twisters
27. Christopher Reeve 
28. Face Transplants 
29. Dark Matter
30. Dead Animal Art: Damien Hirst 
31. The Immortal Jellyfish 
32. The Korean Wave 
33. Bangkok: The Next Atlantis? 
34. Japan’s Rising Literary Star – Haruki Murakami
35. Rare Earth Elements 
36. The Incredible Sled Dog 
37. The Asian Plastic Surgery Boom 
38. Installation Art: Becoming the Sculpture
39. Copycat Economics 
40. Interactive Books
41. Green Highways
42. A Method in the Madness: Salvador Dali 
43. From Seljalandsfoss with Love
44. Lolita Fashion in Japan  
45. For-Benefit Enterprise
46. Sitcoms
47. Sustainable Construction: The Next Green Wave
48. Belly Dancing: From Mesopotamia to Mainstream
49. Apricot Kernels: The Cancer Buster? 
50. Yangshuo: China’s Natural Wonder  
51. The New Age Movement
52. The Life of a Gold Prospector
53. LulzSec 
54. Hidden Risks in Everyday Foods
55. Global Dimming: Global Warming’s Evil Twin
56. Second Life
57. English: the Great Absorber
58. Oceans of Garbage
59. The App Store (iOS) 
60. Traditional Chinese Medicine
61. Socotra
62. Paranormal Activity
63. Smartphones Detect Danger in a Heartbeat
64. The Siege of Beijing
65. Salmonella: The Food
66. Golf
67. The Modern Era: a Language Graveyard
68. Daylight Saving Time
69. Chupacabra
70. Wangari Maathai: An African Hero 
71. Hollywood Box Office Bombs 
72. Martha Graham
73. Body Heat Energy
74. The World’s Most Complex Languages
75. The Skull and Bones Society
76. Amphibian Collapse 
77. Edogawa Rampo
78. Arabian Sea Tropical Cyclones Intensified by Emissions
79. Cheerleading: Or, the Artful Imparting of Enthusiasm
80. Schizophrenia: A Challenging Diagnosis
81. Endocrine Disruptors in our Environment
82. The Prophecies of Nostradamus
83. Confessions of an OCD Sufferer
84. Health Anxiety
85. Doctors Without Borders
86. Fencing
87. Séances—Talking to the Dead
88. Social Interactions
89. Pencils of Promise
90. Taekwondo: The Making of a Korean Martial Art
91. A Tale of Two Chimps
92. Claustrophobia
93. Journey to the Center of the Earth
94. The Origin of Language
95. An Aquatic Crisis of Global Proportions
96. Herd Behavior
97. The Hobbit
98. On Human Kindness
99. Archery
100. The Evolution of Forensic Science



Owain Mckimm

畢業於劍橋大學(University of Cambridge),在2009年時來到臺灣,期間從事英語教學工作,學生涵括不同年齡及程度。他同時也是自由作家,作品散見於旅遊及文化雜誌、英語教學雜誌、書籍,以及網站雜誌。

Owain Mckimm is a University of Cambridge graduate who has been working in Taiwan since 2009. He has taught English to learners of all ages and levels, and is also a freelance writer. He has written for numerous publications in Taiwan, including travel and culture magazines, English teaching magazines, books, and webzines.

Zachary Fillingham
來自加拿大,多倫多約克大學(York University in Toronto)國際關係學士(BA in International Relations),英國倫敦東方及非洲研究學院(School of Oriental & African Studies)中國文學碩士(MA in Chinese Studies),人生哲學是「以熱忱之心學習」(a passion for learning)。曾於臺灣任職英文老師,也撰寫過英語教科書,其他經歷包含自由作家、翻譯、政治網站總編輯,及全球知名大型商業公司顧問。

產品編號: C49071601
類別: 教材專區 / 高中英文 / 英文閱讀 書系: Conscious Reading
印刷: 彩色 頁數: 240頁
開數: 16K, (19x26cm) 裝訂: 平裝,線膠裝
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