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Success With Reading 1 (5th Ed.) (16K+1MP3)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)
Success With Reading 1 (5th Ed.) (16K+1MP3)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)
Success With Reading 1 (5th Ed.) (16K+1MP3)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)

優惠價: $360 定價: $400
作者: Gregory John Bahlmann , Zachary Fillingham , Michelle Witte 
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日期: 2019-02-19
ISBN: 9789863187370

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本套書分14冊,每冊各有100篇文章及閱讀測驗,以訓練英語閱讀為目的,讓讀者藉由閱讀技巧的訓練,提升閱讀能力、技巧與速度。依學習主題分四大單元,各單元內容針對一學習重點撰寫,包括閱讀技巧(Reading Skills)、字彙學習(Word Study)、學習策略(Study Strategies)、綜合練習(Final Reviews,並配合大量閱讀測驗題。文章主題包羅萬象,囊括各類領域,如文學、藝術、史地、人物、科技、生物、政治等皆涵蓋其中。
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
  • 閱讀技巧(Reading Skills):包含明辨主題(Subject Matter)、歸納要旨(Main Idea)、找出支持性細節(Supporting Details)、情節排序(Sequencing)、理解因果關係(Cause and Effect)等實用閱讀技巧。每一小節針對各閱讀技巧撰寫,引導讀者聚焦閱讀方向,幫助釐清思考。
  • 字彙學習(Word Study):認識同、反義字(Synonyms and Antonyms),學習如何從上下文猜測字義(Words in Context),以增進字彙能力,擴充字彙量。
  • 學習策略(Study Strategies):教導如何使用影像圖表(Visual Materials)、參考資料(Reference Sources)來幫助理解閱讀。
  • 綜合練習(Final Reviews):提供大量豐富有趣的知性文章,和綜合全書學習重點的閱讀測驗,持續練習,累積閱讀技巧,增進閱讀能力。
4. 大量而充足的練習題
5. 豐富的彩圖說明
CEFR A2-B1TOEIC 225-550GEPT初中級

Success With Reading is a four-volume series of exercise books designed to develop reading competence and improve reading skills. Each book contains 100 articles on various topics and multiple comprehension questions to test readers’ ability to recall and understand what they read in the articles.
Each book is divided into four units, which concentrate on different reading strategies, including Reading Skills, Word Study, Study Strategies, and Final Reviews. As readers use this book, they equip themselves with not only reading capability but also knowledge about a wide variety of subjects that include arts & literature, animals, history, science, and sports.
Key Features
1.     Different Levels of Learning
Levels of learning material are designed to suit readers of different levels of English ability. Readers can select books for their appropriate level to make reading more engaging and effective.
2.     A Wide Variety of Reading Topics
The subject-rich articles in this book bring reading passages to life, focusing on the world’s hottest issues and attractive topics. Subjects from across different fields—including topics from arts & literature, history, culture, sports, and science—enrich readers’ knowledge while strengthening reading skills. Many forms of colorful graphics throughout the book also help enhance readers’ learning experience.
3.     A Wide Range of Reading Strategies
Learners will benefit from a wide range of practical strategies with the target to become more strategic and effective readers. 
  • Reading Skills contain core skills needed for readers to make progress in reading, such as identifying Subject Matter, Main Idea, Supporting Details, Author’s Purpose and Tone, and Cause and Effect.
  • Word Study highlights skills for building vocabulary and understanding new vocabulary in a text, such as practice with Synonyms, Antonyms, and Words in Context.
  • Study Strategies show the application of basic information-seeking skills such as Visual Material and Reference Sources.
  • Final Reviews provide bountiful reading material and probing questions that aim to examine how well readers absorb the ideas and information in the book.
4.     Focused, Meaningful Practice Tests
This book offers multiple comprehension questions that reinforce word recognition and reading comprehension. Readers can evaluate themselves effectively by using these tests, making this book an excellent resource for use at home or in school and providing the best preparation material for the General Scholastic Ability Test, the Department Required Test, the TOEIC, the TOEFL, and the IELTS.

UNIT 1 Reading Skills 閱讀技巧 
1-1 Subject Matter 明辨主題
1. A Trip to Yellowstone National Park  黃石公園之旅
2. The Amazing Butterfly  令人驚奇的蝴蝶
3. The Battle of Midway  中途島之戰
4. Harvard University  哈佛大學
5. Bitten by a Snake!  被蛇咬傷

1-2 Main Idea 歸納要旨
6. BattleBots: Let the Games Begin!  機器戰士:遊戲開始!
7. White Noise?  白噪音?
8. Jokes  笑話
9. Cold Feet  臨陣脫逃
10. The Life and Works of William Shakespeare  莎士比亞的一生與作品

1-3 Supporting Details 找出支持性細節
11. The Canal That Connects Two Oceans  連接兩大洋的運河
12. Walt Disney: Hollywood Legend  好萊塢傳奇:華特.迪士尼
13. Rugby Rules!  橄欖球賽制!
14. Augmented Reality: Better Living Through Technology 
15. The Maasai  馬塞族

1-4 Sequencing 情節排序
16. Camels: The Ships of the Desert  沙漠之舟:駱駝
17. Nashville: Music City USA  美國音樂之都:納許維爾
18. Obesity  肥胖症
19. The Brothers Grimm  格林兄弟
20. The Importance of Language  語言的重要性

1-5 Cause and Effect 理解因果關係
21. Beatlemania  披頭熱
22. JFK  美國總統甘迺迪
23. Asia’s Gobi Desert  亞洲的戈壁沙漠
24. The Mysterious Roma  神秘的羅姆人
25. Disaster on 9/11/2001  911浩劫

1-6 Clarifying Devices 釐清寫作技巧
26. Robin Williams: Hollywood’s Favorite Comedian  好萊塢諧星泰斗:羅賓.威廉斯
27. The Huge Pyramids of Giza  吉薩大金字塔
28. The UFO Crash at Roswell, New Mexico  新墨西哥州羅斯威爾的幽浮墜毀事件
29. Take a Swing!  來揮棒吧!
30. K2: Climbing the Savage Mountain  攀登K2(喬戈里峰)

1-7 Making Inferences 進行推論
31. Wikipedia: The Online Know-It-All  維基百科:線上萬事通
32. Getting to Know Vincent van Gogh  深入了解文森.梵谷
33. Lemurs of Madagascar  馬達加斯加的狐猴
34. Amazon: The River Sea  亞馬遜:世界上最大的河
35. Global Warming  全球暖化

1-8 Critical Thinking 批判性思考
36. The Genius of Albert Einstein  天才愛因斯坦
37. Democracy in the Modern World  現代世界的民主
38. The Blue Hero of Hinduism  印度教的藍膚英雄
39. Organized Art  井然有序的藝術
40. Trading Tires for Rockets  空中駕駛飛行車

1-9 Fact or Opinion 分辨事實與意見
41. The Wonders of DNA  DNA之謎
42. Game of Thrones: A Fantasy World Inspires Your Imagination
43. Switzerland  瑞士
44. Star Signs of the Zodiac  星座
45. Avoiding Cancer  遠離癌症

1-10 Review Test 實力檢測
46. Terrible Lizards  恐龍
47. Aspirin  阿斯匹靈
48. The First Money  貨幣的歷史
49. The History of Iraq  伊拉克的歷史
50. Leonardo da Vinci  李奧納多.達文西

Unit 2 Word Study 字彙學習
2-1 Synonyms (Words With the Same Meaning) 同義字
51. The Life of a Leopard  美洲豹的生活
52. New Zealand: The Country at the Edge of the World  邊境之域:紐西蘭
53. Amadeus Mozart: The Man and the Mystery  莫札特:謎樣的音樂家
54. Amazing Chocolate  美妙的巧克力
55. Greenpeace: Saving the Environment  綠色和平:拯救世界

2-2 Antonyms (Words With Opposite Meanings) 反義字
56. Coca-Cola  可口可樂
57. England’s Royal Family: A Monarchy in the Modern Age  英國皇室――留存至今的君主制
58. The Samurai  日本武士
59. The Mysterious Panda  神秘的貓熊
60. The Deepest Mine in the World  世界上最深的礦坑

2-3 Words in Context 依上下文猜測字義
61. Run! It’s a Tsunami!  快逃!海嘯來了!
62. MacDonald’s  麥當勞
63. The Albatross  信天翁
64. Almost to the Moon: The Story of Apollo 13  阿波羅13號
65. Online Gaming—A New Social Network  線上遊戲――新型態的社群網路

2-4 Review Test 實力檢測
66. Kabuki: A Dance That Began With Controversy  起於爭議的舞蹈:歌舞伎
67. The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of a European City  一座歐洲城市的崛起、殞落與重生
68. Dr. Seuss and The Cat in the Hat  蘇斯博士與《戴帽子的貓》
69. Mars, the New Focus of Space Exploration  太空探索的新焦點:火星
70. Nature’s Joke: The Duck-Billed Platypus  大自然的玩笑:鴨嘴獸

Unit 3 Study Strategies 學習策略
3-1 Visual Material 影像圖表
71. Maps: The World of Narnia  地圖:納尼亞王國
72. Pie Chart: Who Uses Instagram?  圓餅圖:誰在玩Instagram?
73. Line Graph: My Reading Habits  折線圖:我的閱讀習慣
74. Table: A Continent Divided  表格:分裂的歐洲大陸
75. Bar Graph: Nutrition in the United States  長條圖:美國人的營養攝取 

3-2 Reference Resources 參考資料
76. Dictionary: The Human Imagination  字典:人類的想像力
77. Table of Contents: The Big Melt  目錄:冰融危機
78. Index: Caligula—The Mad Emperor  索引:暴君卡利古拉
79. Magazine vs. Newspaper: Tests Got You Stressed? 
80. Encyclopedias: Albert Camus  百科全書:艾伯特‧卡繆

Unit 4 Final Reviews 綜合練習
4-1 Final Review (I) 綜合練習(I)
81. Dragons  龍
82. Lewis Carroll  路易斯.卡羅
83. The Maldives  馬爾地夫
84. Can Parrots Talk?  鸚鵡會說話嗎?
85. A Modern Fairy Tale  現代童話故事
86. Dolphins  海豚
87. Bar Graph: Top World Cup Players  長條圖:頂尖世界盃足球員
88. Table: Clean Governments  表格:清廉的政府
89. Using a Thesaurus  使用辭海
90. Index: Permaculture  索引:樸門永續設計

4-2 Final Review (II) 綜合練習(II)
91. Where Elegant Meets Delicious  優雅與美味的邂逅
92. Li Shizhen: A Medical Legend  醫界傳奇:李時珍
93. Exploring the Giant Crystal Cave  探索巨型水晶洞
94. The Feral Dog Epidemic  流浪狗悲歌
95. Borrowing From a Living Library  借閱真人圖書館
96. The Holiest of Lizards  「神聖」的蜥蜴:雙冠蜥
97. Pie Chart: Better Sundays Through Efficiency  圓餅圖:有效率的週日假期
98. Bar Graph: Taiwan—Beware of Typhoons  長條圖:台灣──小心颱風
99. Line Graph: China Takes the Lead in AI Research Race
100. Table of Contents: Home Remedy  目錄:居家療法


Gregory John Bahlmann
Greg was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a B.A. in English and Private Law. During the 1990s he started a tourism company and a small advertising agency both which he ran with partners. He also busied himself honing his writing skills. In 2001 he moved to Taiwan with the aim of completing his first fantasy novel. His first book was published in 2004 and he is working on a sequel. Greg not only enjoys writing, but also art and computer programming.

Zachary Fillingham

A Canadian by birth, Zachary holds a BA in International Relations from York University in Toronto and an MA in Chinese Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, UK. His guiding principle in life is a passion for learning, and this trait led him to Taiwan where he worked as an English teacher and began writing and editing textbooks for ESL students. Apart from his extensive experience as a freelance writer and translator, Zachary has also worked as the Managing Editor for a politics website and a consultant for one of the world’s largest finance companies.

來自加拿大,多倫多約克大學(York University in Toronto)國際關係學士(BA in International Relations),英國倫敦東方及非洲研究學院(School of Oriental & African Studies)中國文學碩士(MA in Chinese Studies)。人生哲學是「以熱忱之心學習」(a passion for learning)。曾於臺灣任職英文老師,也撰寫英語教科書,經歷包括自由作家、翻譯、政治網站總編輯,及全球知名大型商業公司顧問。

Michelle Witte

產品編號: C32291601
類別: 教材專區 / 高中英文 / 英文閱讀 書系: Thinking About Reading
印刷: 彩色 頁數: 224
開數: 16K (19*26*1 cm) 裝訂: 平裝,膠裝
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