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Reading Spotlight: Building Up Your Reading Skills Within 16 Weeks(20K+1MP3)
Reading Spotlight: Building Up Your Reading Skills Within 16 Weeks(20K+1MP3)
Reading Spotlight: Building Up Your Reading Skills Within 16 Weeks(20K+1MP3)

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作者: Dennis Le Boeuf , Liming Jing(景黎明) 
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日期: 2011-04-18
ISBN: 978-986-184-807-5


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Reading is an essential part of learning English. You can learn words, grammar, logic, and general knowledge while you read. It is through extensive reading for fun that you will become a powerful user of English. To help you boost your reading skills, this book contains 100 interesting and useful articles that are full of information and fun.

After you read an English article, how can you be sure that you fully comprehend its meaning? This book provides many key questions to help you grasp the ideas in each article. Through valuable guided practice, you will gradually improve your ability to understand the information in a diversity of articles. Your daily practice will also help you with your reading speed and comprehension when taking English exams.

No one can attain a high reading level in one step. To learn English well, you should follow your own everyday reading plan. That way you will practice your English step by step. You could read, enjoy, and make steady progress through the 100 articles within 16 weeks. By devising and following your individualized plan to practice daily English reading, you will expand your vocabulary, learn about the various topics, gain confidence in using English, and enjoy the pictures that were chosen to enhance each article.

By reading this book and many other books, you will strengthen your reading skills and become capable of doing well on any English test that you may take.  









1. The King of Pop Music 流行音樂之王
2. Facebook Games 臉書遊戲
3. Good bye Chinglish! 揮別中式英文
4. Money Management: Creating a Budget. 財富管理:制訂預算
5. Doraemon, a Japanese Cultural Icon 多啦A夢— 日本文化代表人物
6. The Holy See 羅馬天主教會的聖座
7. Wang Yung-ching's Legacy 王永慶傳奇
8 .Music Downloads 音樂下載
9 .Drastic Climate Change 急遽的天氣變化
10.Street Dancing 街舞

11. What Is Love-Shyness? 愛羞症
12. The Nazca Lines 納斯卡線
13. Dr. Stephen Hawking 史蒂芬‧霍金
14. English Proficiency Tests 英語能力檢測
15. The Future Ethics of Androids and Other Robots 機器人的道德議題
16. Unlucky Friday the 13th 十三號星期五
17. The BBC BBC電視台
18. The Festival of San Fermin 奔牛節
19.. Ernest Hemingway 海明威
20. EPD—Electronic Paper Display 電子紙

21. Weather Prediction 天氣預測
22. Your Brain's Development 你的腦部發展
23. Can Pollen Help to Solve Crimes?  花粉能幫助破案嗎?
24. The Luxurious Emirate of Dubai  奢華王國—杜拜
25. Jane Goodall 珍‧古德
26. Google Maps Google地圖
27. The World Cup 世界盃足球賽
28. The Law of Attraction 吸引力法則
29. Islam 伊斯蘭
30. World Heritage Sites 世界遺產景點

31. Who Is Lady Gaga? 女神卡卡
32. Gothic Architecture 歌德式建築
33. Animal Testing  動物測試
34. How to Avoid Weak Bones 如何避免骨質疏鬆
35. The International Space University 國際太空大學
36. Atlantis 亞特蘭蒂斯
37. Sigmund Freud 佛洛伊德
38. PayPal and Internet Shopping  Paypal及網路購物
39. Telepathy 心電感應
40. Normandy Landings 諾曼地登陸

41. The midnight sun 午夜的太陽
42. Oceanic Trenches 海溝
43. Bob Dylan: An Influential American Singer-Songwriter 鮑伯‧狄倫:美國創作型歌手
44. Crime Scene Investigation 犯罪現場調查
45. Discovering New Energy 發現新能源
46. Sumo Wrestling 相撲
47.Parkinson’s Disease 帕金森症
48. Yosemite National Park 優勝美地國家公園
49. Chen Shu-chu: One of Time's 100 Most Influential People 陳樹菊:時代雜誌百大影響力
50. Augmented Reality擴增實境

51. Gene Modification Technology  基因改造科技
52. The Pet Psychic 寵物靈媒
53. Con Artists and Confidence Tricks 詐騙集團及其手法
54. The Crusades and the Holy City of Jerusalem 十字軍與耶路薩冷
55. Steven Paul Jobs 史蒂芬‧保羅
56. Scottish Kilts 蘇格蘭裙
57. Can Cars Be Environmentally Friendly? 開車可以兼顧環保嗎?
58. What Kind of Painkiller Is Safer? 安全使用止痛藥
59.Iceland 冰島
60. Is the Sense of Beauty Innate or Learned?  美感為與生俱來,抑或後天習得?

61. Anousheh Ansari: International Space Station Tourist 雅娜詩‧安薩里:首位女太空人
62.Cloud Computing 雲端運算
63. Aerobics 有氧運動
64. Mash-up Literature: Literary Classics Combined With Horror 混搭文學
65. Animals Stereotypes 動物的刻板印象
66. Dunhuang 敦煌
67. Oprah Winfrey’s Contribution to the World 歐普拉對世界的貢獻
68.Conflict in the Middle East 中東衝突
69.Crisis for Polar Bears 北極熊危機
70. Infectious Diseases 傳染性疾病

71. Where Did the Mysterious Crystal Skulls Come From? 神秘的骷髏來自何方?
72. Venice: The City of Water 水鄉威尼斯
73. Muhammad Ali 拳王阿里
74. Google vs. Microsoft: Two Giants Are at War Google和微軟兩大巨頭的戰爭
75. Save the Bluefin Tuna! 搶救黑鮪魚!
76. The Mystery of the Bermuda Traingle 百慕達三角洲之謎
77. Art Auctions 藝術品拍賣
78. The Battle of Fishing Town 釣魚城之役
79. What is Static Electricity?  何謂靜電?
80. Disaster at the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig 深海地平線國際鑽油平台事故

81. All About Allergies 過敏
82. Horseshoe Crabs 鱟
83. You, Fashion Shows, and Clothing 服裝秀和服裝與你的關係
84. The Tradition of Afternoon Tea 下午茶的由來
85. Women's Right to Vote 女性投票權
86. TV in 3D Is Fun! 3D電視趣味多!
87. Lottery: A Game of Chance 樂透:ㄧ個充滿機會的遊戲
88. IKEA 宜家家具
89. Pompeii—the Buried City 龐貝城:被埋葬的城市
90. Don’t Eat Too much Meat! 別吃太多肉!

91. Haiku 俳句
92. The Legend of El Dorado 黃金城傳奇
93. Why Are Honeybees Disappearing ? 蜜蜂為何消失無蹤?
94. Using Solar Energy 使用太陽能源
95. Dress codes 服裝規定
96. Does Life Exist on Distant Planets, Asteroids, and Moons? 遙遠的星球上是否有生命存在?
97. Violent Mount Vesuvius 暴力的維蘇埃火山
98. A Habit That Can Damage Your Teeth 會傷害牙齒的壞習慣
99. Strange Type of Food as Cultural Markers 稀奇古怪的食物為文化的表徵
100. Lunar Tides 潮汐


Dennis Le Boeuf
美國教育專家,北密西根大學教育碩士,美國密西根和佛羅里達執證教師。錄過許多廣播和電視的英語學習節目,裨益無數莘莘學子。在臺灣和中國大陸擁有近二十年的英語教學經驗。現任私立學校副校長,負責英文教學。 Dennis與景黎明女士合著的作品計有《中級英文文法Fun輕鬆》、《你的英文又錯了!》、《你的英文錯了嗎!高中版》、《英文文法全書》、《英文文法全書活用練習》、《誦讀英文文法》(一、二、三冊)、《求職英文Step by Step》、《英文易混淆字A-Z》、《Reading Spotlight》、《生活英語小對話》、《讀鵝媽媽歌謠學英語》、《小時候的英語詩》、《情境美語500句》、《讀森林王子學英語》等三十多種英文學習書籍,其中一些書在許多國家地區名列暢銷書排行榜,經久不衰。 數年來,Dennis和景黎明還為出版社校對了多本書籍,而且也從網路和電話為學習者解答英文文法和習慣用語的問題。

Liming Jing(景黎明)
美籍華人,四川大學英語碩士。曾任四川師範大學英語副教授、美國聖利奧(Saint Leo)大學ESL教師、美國移民局和各大醫院的電話翻譯兼筆譯。曾獲四川省英語教學成果獎和翻譯獎,現為專業審定者、譯者及作家。作品有《高高飛出西藏山谷》。譯著有《生活在他方》、《玩笑》、《我快樂的早晨》、《布拉格精神》、以及《第一圈》等多部世界名著。

產品編號: C04182002
類別: 教材專區 / 大專英文 書系: 英語閱讀
印刷: 彩色 頁數: 208頁
開數: 20K, (17*23cm) 裝訂: 平裝,線膠裝

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