★  旅館必知單字

reception 接待櫃檯


service bell 服務鈴

key card 鑰匙卡

buffet restaurant 自助餐廳

gymnasium (gym) 健身房

bellboy 大廳服務員

doorman 門房


★  Do You Have Any Vacancies Now? 請問目前有空房嗎?(臨時住宿)

S:Do you have any vacancies now? 請問目前有空房間嗎?

R:Certainly, madam. What kind of room would you like to have? 當然有,女士。您想要什麼樣的 ...



railroad station 火車站

ticket window 售票口

ticket stub 票根

express 快車

train car 車廂

conductor 列車长



A What time does the next train leave?


B The next one leaves at 6:30 on Platform 20.




A When does it get there?


B It’s scheduled to arrive at 11:50.

按照列車時刻 ...





call a taxi 打電話叫車

catch a taxi 攔計程車

taxi stand 計程車招呼站

safety belt 安全帶

keep the change不用找錢

trunk 後行李廂

taxi app叫車應用程式


★  To This Place, Please. 請到這裡。(指著地址說)

D:Where to, sir?


P:To this place, please.

到這個地方。〔拿飯店名稱和地址 ...


Finding the Way 問路

A Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the Hilton Hotel?

B Go straight down this street about five blocks, and you’ll see a drugstore on the corner. When you get there, turn right. You’ll see it just on your left.

A How long will it take me to get there on foot?

B About 7 minutes.

A I see. Thanks for your help.

A 不好意思,請問希爾頓飯店要怎麼走?

B 這條馬路直走大約 ...


★Renting a Car 租車

A I’d like to rent a car.

B What kind of car would you like?

A Something that is medium-sized and gets good mileage.

B Would you prefer a Japanese car?

A Something in the 2-liter class that is easy to drive and has left-hand steering.

B Why don’t you try that model over there? May I see your driver’s license and credit card?


B 您要租什麼樣的車呢?


★What's the Best Way to Get There? 請問要怎麼去最快呢?

A Excuse me. I’d like to go to the Bronx Zoo, but what’s the best way to get there?

B Let me see. You can take a bus, but the quickest way is to take the subway from here.

A Where is the nearest subway station?

B You can see Manhattan Station over there. The zoo is about a 10-minute walk from the East Tremont Avenue station.

A You have ...


Immigration Inspection 入境審查

A What’s the purpose of your visit?

B Sightseeing.

A How long are you going to stay in the United States?

B For seven days.

A Where will you be staying?

B I’ll stay at the Hilton Hotel.

A Do you have your return ticket?

B Yes. Here it is.

A 你來此的目的是什麼?

B 觀光。

A 你打算在美國停留多久?

B 七天。

A 你要住在哪裡?

B 我住希爾頓大飯店。

A 你有 ...