Barbara is explaining fax procedures to a new employee.

B: As you can see, we've just received our new fax machine, and it works a little differently than the old one. The dialing procedures will be the same, though.

J: So we still dial nine to get an outside line?

B: Right. This is where you feed the documents you want to fax, and on this machine you have to put them face down. Then everything is like any other fax machine—hit start, and send the papers through. The paper tray is under here.

J: If there's a problem, will the machine redial automatically?

B: Yes, I think... the manual says it will redial five times. There's also a speed dial on this machine, so I'm going to print a list of the most commonly used fax numbers, set them on the speed dial, and post the list above the machine. We're also going to connect this machine to the network, so you should be able to fax from your computers now. I'll come around and help you get hooked up to the machine if there are any problems.




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