Katharine needs to access some programs and files.

K: Can you help me with something? You asked me to save this file to the server, but I'm not exactly sure how to do it.

J: Sure. It's really simple. All our computers are hooked up to a network that connects this whole office. All of us can access files on the server. Saving a file to the server is easy. Open the folder that says "Shared Files;" you'll see folders named for all our current projects and an archive for the old ones. Then you should be able to see where I would want you to save the file.

K: Great, thanks!

J: You'll also need to learn to use FTP. We use this to share files from our website, or to share large files that would take a long time to pass around. I'll show you how to set up your account, and then you'll be able to access and upload from it.

K: OK.

J: You will need to know how to use cloud storage as well. The cloud storage is really convenient, providing us with immediate access to upload or download files. We use both Dropbox and Google Drive, later I will let you know how to register and use them.
妳也需要學會用雲端硬碟,雲端硬碟真的很方便,讓我們可以即時上傳與下載檔案,Dropbox 和Google Drive 我們都有使用,待會我會教妳怎麼註冊和使用它們。



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