Barbara is showing John the copy machine.

B: To start with, you should load any recycled paper in tray two, and load it face down.

J: Got it.

B: If you're copying a long document, instead of copying page by page on the glass, you can use the top-loader. There's an option here to collate the documents or sort them by page.

J: Great. Can it staple, too? I've seen copiers that staple.

B: Yes, it can! Moving you know how to shrink and enlarge documents? Those functions are here—the machine will prompt you to change the paper size and tray if you need to. We usually keep A3 or B3 paper in the bottom tray, but you can load it anywhere. Letterhead should go in the side loader, so we don't waste it.
這個可以!然後……你知道如何縮放文件嗎?那些功能都在這—有需要的話,影印機會提醒你更換紙的尺寸與紙匣。我們通常把A3 或B3 大小的紙放在底部紙匣,不過你要放哪都可以。有信頭的信紙要放在手送紙匣,才不會浪費。

J: OK, thanks. I think I'm pretty familiar with what else the machine can do. I have one question, though—can anyone use the copier, or is there an access code I have to put in?

B: Oh, there aren't any codes. Anybody in the office can use it.




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