English for Hotels and Restaurants (3rd Ed. With iCosmos APP)

作 者: Robert Majure / Jess Martin
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2023-02-24
ISBN : 9786263000698
書 號: C3915-0834
書 系: 觀光餐旅英語
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1. 主題涵蓋餐旅主要情境

2. 必備用語字彙

3. 知識補充

4. 彩圖資訊

5. 課堂練習

6. 單元測驗

7. 專業錄製MP3
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English for Hotels and Restaurants is designed for the purpose of training college students that are taking catering and hospitality courses or for those who are in this service industry and want to continue with their training.

The subjects are divided into Restaurants (Part 1) and Hotels (Part 2) and arranged by the service procedures, which allow you to learn step by step and strengthen your practical skills.

【Covering Major Topics of the Hospitality Industry】
Part 1 “Restaurants” introduces practical restaurant-related situations such as taking reservations, seating guests, taking orders, dealing with complaints, and settling bills.
Part 2 “Hotels” teaches how to take room reservations, check guests in, show guests to their rooms, check guests out, and other hotel-related tasks.

【Mp3 Audio Recorded By Professionals】
Scan the QR code and connect with our mobile app to access the MP3 audio files recorded by native speakers. Listen anywhere, anytime to improve your language retention and learn faster!

【Essential Expressions & Words】
Each unit begins with useful common expressions and essential words to help you warm up before starting your lessons.

【Information Boxes】
The book provides information boxes that introduce helpful key facts about relevant elements of the hospitality industry.

Pair work activities are designed to help readers practice the target language while interacting with others, thereby improving their speaking fluency.

Each unit is followed by exercises that include questions based on listenings, filling in blanks, and grammar questions. Readers can test themselves and sharpen their skills through these questions.

【Colorful Infographics】
Infographics that combine text and explanatory images are used to help present hospitality-related topics. The aim is to build stronger memory and more effective understanding.

CEFR A2–B1/TOEIC 225–550/GEPT 初中級 low Intermediate

Part 1 Restaurants
01 Western Breakfast
02 Breakfast Buffet
03 A Breakfast Dialog
04 Chinese Breakfast
05 Taking Restaurant Reservations
06 Seating Guests
07 Cocktails
08 Beer
09 Whiskey
10 Wine
11 Aperitif
12 Champagne
13 Liqueur, Brandy, Port, Madeira, and Sherry
14 Ordering Salads, Hors d'oeuvres, and Soups
15 Ordering a Main Course
16 French Menu
17 Desserts and Cheese
18 Ordering Chinese Dishes
19 Dealing With Complaints and Requests
20 Paying Bills

Part 2 Hotels
21 Taking Room Reservations
22 Checking In
23 Showing Guests to Their Rooms
24 Room Service
25 Checking Out

作 者: Robert Majure / Jess Martin
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2023-02-24
ISBN : 9786263000698
書 號: C3915-0834
書 系: 觀光餐旅英語
裝 訂: 平裝,膠裝
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條 碼: 9786263000698
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