Unveiling Greek Mythology(1)(彩圖英文版25K+1MP3)

作 者: James Baldwin
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2008-06-20
ISBN : 9789861843421
書 號: C37032501
書 系: Greek Mythology
版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.
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Perhaps no other stories have ever been told so often or listened to with so much pleasure as the classic tales of ancient Greece.

They have become so incorporated into our language and thought, and so interwoven with our literature, that we could not do away with them now if we would. They are a portion of our heritage from the distant past, and they form perhaps as important a part of our intellectual life as they did of that of the people among whom they originated.

In order that the young people of our own country and time may be the better able to read these stories in the light in which they were narrated long ago, I have told them in simple language.

I have hoped thus to free the narrative still more from everything that might detract from its interest simply as a story.





1 Jupiter and His Mighty Company 朱比特與眾神
2 The Titans and the Golden Age 泰坦神族和黃金時代
3 The Story of Prometheus 普羅米修斯的故事
1) How Fire Was Given to Men人類開始用火的經過
2) The First Woman: Pandora 第一個女人:潘朵拉
3) Pandora's Box 潘朵拉的盒子
4) How Prometheus Was Punished 普羅米修斯的受罰
5) How Prometheus Was Rescued 普羅米修斯的獲救

4 The Flood and the Creation of Humans 大洪水和人類的創造
1) The Flood: Destroying All Humans 毀滅人類的大洪水
2) The Creation of Human Beings 人類的創造

5 The Story of Io愛兒的故事
1) Changing Io Into a White Cow 愛兒變身一頭白母牛
2) Argus and Peacock 阿古斯和孔雀
3) Gadfly and Bosphorus 牛虻和博斯普魯斯
4) Meeting Prometheus 遇見普羅米修斯
5) Coming to Egypt 來到埃及

6 The Wonderful Weaver神乎其技的織布女
1) Arachne: The Boastfull Weaver 奧拉克妮:自誇的織布女
2) The Contest in Weaving 織布比賽和蜘蛛

7 Apollo: The Lord of the Silver Bow銀弓之王阿波羅
1) Leto's Escape and Dolphin 蕾托的逃亡和海豚
2) The Birth of Apollo and Diana 阿波羅和黛安娜的誕生
3) The Center of The World: Parnassus 世界的中心:帕納索斯山
4) The Serpent Python and the City of Delphi 派森巨蛇和德爾菲城
5) Apollo Chasing Daphne and Laurel 阿波羅對達芙妮的追求和月桂樹
6) Coronis and Crow 可羅妮斯和烏鴉
7) Grieving for the Dead Son Aesculapius 喪子之慟和醫神

8 Cadmus and Europa卡德摩斯與歐羅芭
1) Europa and the White Bull 歐羅芭和白色公牛
2) Searching for Europa 尋找歐羅芭
3) Pythia, the Priestess of Apollo at Delphi 阿波羅的女祭司皮希雅
4) The City Location and the Fierce Dragon 城市地點和惡龍
5) Sowing Dragon's Teeth and the City of Thebes 種植惡龍牙齒和底比斯城
6) Alphabet and Europe 字母系統和歐洲


作 者: James Baldwin
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2008-06-20
ISBN : 9789861843421
書 號: C37032501
書 系: Greek Mythology
裝 訂: 平裝,膠裝
尺 寸: 25K (14.8*21cm)
條 碼: 9789861843421
印 刷: 彩色
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版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.