Real English for Cabin Crew (菊8K+1MP3)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)

作 者: Michael A. Putlack
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2017-03-29
ISBN : 9789863185581
書 號: C44280801
書 系: ESP 專業英文
版 權: Darakwon Inc.
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Real English for Careers is a series of books designed to help professionals and college students develop the necessary language skills to succeed in the professional world. Covering a wide range of industries, the series teaches English as it is used in specific professions and work environments. Real English for Careers is ideal for those who want to improve their English communication skills quickly and easily.

Key Features of Real English for Cabin Crew
* 12 units covering common situations faced by flight attendants, whether on the ground or in the air
* Topics that include checking in, boarding, in-flight meals and duty-free sales, onboard entertainment, emergencies during flight, passenger complaints, and landing
* Conversations that demonstrate practical, everyday English for students interested in a career in cabin service, and those preparing for entry exams or interviews with an airline
* Vocabulary and key expressions that form the basic tools for communicating effectively and confidently
* Practical illustrations to facilitate comprehension
* Step-by-step instruction and exercises to immerse students in the key language components of reading, listening, speaking, and writing
* Job simulation that involves role-play and a variety of other exercises to help students practice how to handle specific situations
* Reading and listening sections that use real-life scenarios to help students cultivate the ability to use English clearly and accurately in the context of a flight cabin
* Tip boxes to encourage discussion and reflection on pursuing a career path as a cabin crew member
* MP3 audio recordings by native speakers
* Appendix: Word list that provides keywords and explanations

Each unit includes:
*Warm-up exercises
*Key expressions
*Useful phrases
*Basic drills and buildup activities
*Job simulation section
*Reading and listening section
*Helpful tips

UNIT 01 Making Reservations and Checking In
- Making Reservations for Customers
- Checking In Customers for a Flight
- Types of Airline Employees

UNIT 02 In the VIP Lounge and at the Boarding Gate
- Letting Customers Into the VIP Lounge
- Assisting Passengers at the Boarding Gate
- Cabin Crew Members and Their Roles

UNIT 03 Boarding
- Greeting Passengers
- Solving Seating Problems
- Service for First-Class Passengers

UNIT 04 Preparing for Takeoff
- Running a Safety Check
- Complaining About a Delay
- Pre-Takeoff Announcements

UNIT 05 After Takeoff
- Helping Passengers Settle In
- Solving a Problem With a Headset
- Amenity Kits

UNIT 06 Meals
- Serving Meals
- Handling Complaints About Meals
- Special Meals

UNIT 07 In-Flight Sales and Documents
- Assisting With In-Flight Sales
- Providing Information on Documents
- In-Flight Sales

UNIT 08 On-Board Entertainment
- Showing How to Use the Entertainment System
- Dealing With Mechanical Problems
- The History of In-Flight Entertainment

UNIT 09 Sicknesses in the Air
- Handling a Minor Medical Problem
- Dealing With a Major Medical Problem
- Emergency Procedures in the Cabin

UNIT 10 Passenger Complaints
- Handling Complaints About the Cabin Temperature
- Handling Complaints About Slow Service
- The Personal Touch

UNIT 11 Preparing to Land
- Collecting Items Before Landing
- Dealing With a Landing Delay
- Diverting a Flight

UNIT 12 Landing
- Helping Passengers Deplane
- Saying Goodbye
- Landing Announcements

Appendix: Word List


Michael A. Putlack

專攻歷史與英文,擁有美國麻州Tufts University碩士學位。

作 者: Michael A. Putlack
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2017-03-29
ISBN : 9789863185581
書 號: C44280801
書 系: ESP 專業英文
裝 訂: 平裝,膠裝
尺 寸: 菊8K (21.5*30cm)
條 碼: 9789863185581
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