Go Global: English for Global Business (With iCosmos APP)

作 者: Hiroshi Yoshizuka / Graham Skerritt / Garry Pearson
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2023-09-01
ISBN : 9786263001572
書 號: C1954-0814
書 系: 商用英語
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Go Global:English for Global Business是專為大專院校商用英語課程的學生商業人士所編寫的專業英語用書,內含15個實用商用主題,從自我介紹、介紹公司與產品、請託、安排邀約到招待訪客等,並著重於國際化的商業環境,讓讀者輕易熟悉國際商場情境與對應方式,並提升商用英語聽說讀寫的能力,輕鬆駕馭職場英語!


★Vocabulary with key words and phrases(關鍵詞彙與片語):每單元皆列有商業英語常用的關鍵單字與片語列表,幫助迅速掌握必備的字彙與用語。
★Useful Expressions(實用常用句):針對該主題的不同情境編寫各種常用句,幫助掌握情境並提升職場英語表達能力。
★Example Business Emails & Essential Email Expressions(商務電子郵件範例與必備常用句):本書針對不同的商務正式程度,如正式(formal)、半正式(semi-formal)與非正式(casual),編有各種電子郵件常用範例,幫助提升在不同場合下撰寫商務英語書信的能力。
★Writing Tasks(寫作訓練):每單元最後皆有2–3篇的寫作練習,並從選擇題到填空題,帶領讀者從由簡入深提升寫作能力。
Go Global in International Business!
Today, more and more companies are expanding their businesses overseas. In order to do so, employees need to be able to communicate with business partners, including coworkers, customers, and suppliers, in other countries. This book is designed for professionals and students in vocational schools and colleges to help them develop the language skills needed to succeed in a global work environment.

English for Different Business Occasions
This book includes 15 topics covering various business situations. These include introducing yourself and your company, asking permission, making appointments, looking after a visitor, and many more. By working through the topics, you'll encounter many real-life scenarios, which will help you develop a greater proficiency for effective business communication.

Master Business English Skills in a Global Context
The book teaches a number of language skills essential for those working in an international and intercultural business environment. Areas of study include:
- Vocabulary (with key words and phrases)
- Listening
- Conversation
- Useful expressions
- Speaking
- Reading
- Example business emails & essential email expressions
- Writing tasks

Develop Your Email-Writing Skills
The book puts an emphasis on business email-writing skills, paying particular attention to FORMAL, SEMI-FORMAL, and CASUAL composition styles. Each unit contains useful email expressions and writing tips (such as suggestions for valedictions and formatting), which enhance learners’ abilities to communicate in written format.

Learn to Conduct Business Using Culture-Specific Practices
Each unit provides essential information about how business is conducted in different cultures. Areas covered include business social skills, gift-giving customs, and ways to look after a guest from a different country. These skills will prove invaluable to anyone required to interact in a cross-cultural business environment.

CEFR B1–B2/TOEIC 550–785/GEPT 中級Intermediate–中高級 High-Intermediate


Unit 1 Introducing Yourself
Unit 2 Introducing Companies
Unit 3 Explaining Your Role
Unit 4 Introducing Products
Unit 5 Checking Information
Unit 6 Giving Your Opinion
Unit 7 Making Requests
Unit 8 Asking Permission
Unit 9 Extending Invitations
Unit 10 Making Appointments
Unit 11 Canceling and Rescheduling
Unit 12 Describing Locations
Unit 13 Looking After a Visitor
Unit 14 Making a Phone Call
Unit 15 Taking Messages

Supplementary Worksheets
Useful Vocabulary List

作 者: Hiroshi Yoshizuka / Graham Skerritt / Garry Pearson
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2023-09-01
ISBN : 9786263001572
書 號: C1954-0814
書 系: 商用英語
裝 訂: 平裝,膠裝
尺 寸: 菊8K (21.5*28.5 cm)
條 碼: 9786263001572
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