English for Business Communication 2 (3rd Ed., With iCosmos APP)

作 者: Michelle Witte
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2023-08-11
ISBN : 9786263001527
書 號: C4311-0834
書 系: 職場英語
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English for Business Communication 1
English for Business Communication 2



1. 擬真的商務情境會話
提供閱讀、對話、文件報告、郵件等多種商務情境會話內容,題材多元豐富,囊括各項商務體裁。並在課前列出商業應用以及多益考試中常出現的重要字彙(Key Words and Phrases),提點該單元必學重要字彙,幫助提升商用英語檢定能力,協助在商務溝通中更加游刃有餘。
2. 實用的商務常用句(Sample Sentences)
3. 詳盡的商務慣用語及必備商務知識
4. 檢測成效的活動和測驗題(Exercises)
5. 搭配易懂的圖解更好記
Two-Volume Set
English for Business Communication 1
English for Business Communication 2

English for Business Communication provides a variety of communication skills and techniques for different business occasions. Each unit deals with a specific theme, helping you focus on one area of business know-how and learn it quickly and thoroughly.
The latest edition adds more useful key words and phrases to enhance your business English vocabulary. Also, graphic-design elements and illustrations have been revised in this new edition to make each unit’s structure clearer and its content easier to read.

There are 25 units in this book, with each unit divided into the following sections:
- Introductory Description / Lively Conversation
Most units begin with an introductory description or lively conversation. Topics include negotiation and persuasion, sales and promoting, communicating and problem-solving at work, and many more. In addition, this section is accompanied by a list of key words and phrases that provides you with all essential vocabulary.

- Sample Sentences
Sample Sentences provides additional expressions related to the unit's theme and aims to equip you with a wide range of phrases and sentence structures that may also be useful for business communication.

- Exercises
The Exercises section comes at the end of each unit and includes testing elements such as a pair- or group-work practice, vocabulary test, listening test, and others, giving you a chance to review the unit's content and practice any useful language.
Additionally, this book provides MP3 audio recordings of the content to help you sharpen your listening skills.


Part 1 Negotiation and Persuasion
Unit 1 Making Preparations
Unit 2 Opening and Agreeing on the Agenda
Unit 3 Stating Your Purpose and Position
Unit 4 Making and Responding to Proposals
Unit 5 Bargaining
Unit 6 Dealing With Sticking Points and Conflict
Unit 7 Closing a Negotiation

Part 2 Sales and Promoting
Unit 8 Talking About Market and Company Strategy for a Product
Unit 9 Proposing and Discussing a Strategy for Advertising
Unit 10 Planning a Promotional Campaign
Unit 11 Describing and Recommending Services to Customers
Unit 12 Persuading Your Customer

Part 3 Communicating and Problem-solving at Work
Unit 13 Discussing a Mistake Made at Work
Unit 14 Discussing Issues or Problems With Your Work
Unit 15 Making Complaints or Criticisms
Unit 16 Making Requests or Suggestions
Unit 17 Dealing With Complaints From Customers

Part 4 Reading and Writing Business Documents
Unit 18 The Layout and Structure of Business Letters
Unit 19 Expressions for Business Letters
Unit 20 The Layout and Structure of Business Emails
Unit 21 The Layout and Structure of Reports

Part 5 English for Job Hunting
Unit 22 Reading Want Ads
Unit 23 Writing a CV or Résumé
Unit 24 How to Write a Cover Letter
Unit 25 Interview and Follow-up

English for Business Communication (Book 1) 目錄

Part 1 Talking on the Telephone
Unit 1 Basic Business Telephone Etiquette
Unit 2 Taking Calls and Making Calls
Unit 3 Taking Messages and Transferring Information
Unit 4 Switchboard Speaking
Unit 5 Dealing With Communication Difficulties

Part 2 Making Arrangements and Appointments
Unit 6 Arranging a Meeting
Unit 7 Arranging an Appointment With a Client or Supervisor
Unit 8 Arranging a Schedule
Unit 9 Canceling or Changing Times

Part 3 English for Socializing
Unit 10 First Meetings
Unit 11 Talking About Jobs
Unit 12 Talking About Family
Unit 13 Talking About Interests and Sports
Unit 14 Talking About Vacations
Unit 15 Talking About Health
Unit 16 Inviting People to a Dinner Party or Other Activity
Unit 17 Social Phrases for Dinner Parties

Part 4 Making a Speech and Presentation
Unit 18 Making Preparations
Unit 19 Opening and Introducing the Topic
Unit 20 Stating the Points and Linking the Parts
Unit 21 Highlighting and Emphasizing
Unit 22 Interacting With the Audience / Drawing Attention
Unit 23 Using Visual Aids and Describing Them
Unit 24 Analyzing Facts and Trends
Unit 25 Suggestions and Conclusion
Unit 26 Answering Questions From the Audience

Part 5 Running a Meeting
Unit 27 Opening a Meeting
Unit 28 Progressing and Controlling a Meeting
Unit 29 Asking for Opinions / Agreeing and Disagreeing
Unit 30 Interruptions
Unit 31 Asking Questions
Unit 32 Making Decisions and Closing a Meeting


Michelle Witte


作 者: Michelle Witte
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2023-08-11
ISBN : 9786263001527
書 號: C4311-0834
書 系: 職場英語
裝 訂: 平裝,膠裝
尺 寸: 菊8K (21.5*28.5 cm)
條 碼: 9786263001527
印 刷: 彩色
頁 數: 112