Essential Presentation Skills: Keywords, Phrases, and Strategies (3rd Ed., With iCosmos APP)

作 者: Ian Andrew Mckinnon
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2023-06-17
ISBN : 9786263000599
書 號: C1939-0834
書 系: 商用英語
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- 詳盡步驟循序漸進:從事先準備、開場白、正式進入簡報、論點總結,到聽眾提問等大小環節,幫你規劃出一份主題明確、內容充實、分析完善的成功簡報!

- 句豐富:標出重要片語,精準呈現簡報時可使用的語句,掌握簡報節奏,讓你在各簡報場合和關鍵時刻都暢所欲言,絕不冷場!

- 範例多而擬真:包含大量圖表和投影片解說,實際配合簡報情境,學會掌握視覺輔具,讓觀眾迅速領會簡報主旨。

- 彩圖頁面清楚易吸收:版面以活潑輕鬆的方式編排,使學習充滿趣味;也用彩圖輔文,將文字具象化,易於掌握整體概念。
Master the art of delivering impactful presentations in English with Essential Presentation Skills: Keywords, Phrases, and Strategies!

Designed specifically for ESL students, this comprehensive book provides invaluable guidance to help you give presentations with confidence. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced speaker, the exercises at the end of each unit will reinforce your understanding of key presenting concepts and refine your presentation skills. If you’re looking for specific guidance, simply refer to the table of contents to find the section that fits your particular needs and read through the examples to find the phrases you require.

The book is divided into five parts:

1. Preparing for Your Presentation
You will learn how to understand your audience, create an outline and slides for your presentation, refine your delivery style, and practice your presentation.

2. Phrases for Pre-Introduction Small Talk
These are commonly used phrases and topics for casual introductions and small talk for you to establish a rapport with your audience before your presentation.

3. Phrases for Presenting the Introduction
This part provides you with strategies for introducing yourself and the subject of your presentation clearly and concisely for an engaging presentation.

4. Phrases for Presenting the Content
You will be equipped with a wide array of practical phrases that are frequently used to convey the main points of presentations effectively and efficiently.

5. Phrases for Concluding Your Presentation
You will be given tips on ending your presentation properly with a strong and impressive conclusion.

CEFR B2/TOEIC 785/GEPT 中高級 High-Intermediate

Part 1 Preparing for Your Presentation
Unit 1 Learning About the Audience
Unit 2 Assembling the Outline
Unit 3 Creating Your Own Outline
Unit 4 Preparing the Format
Unit 5 Enhancing Your Delivery
Unit 6 Practicing the Presentation

Part 2 Phrases for Pre-introduction Small Talk
Unit 7 Casual Introductions and Small Talk

Part 3 Phrases for Presenting the Introduction
Unit 8 Introducing Yourself
Unit 9 Introducing the Subject

Part 4 Phrases for Presenting the Content
Unit 10 Indicating Your Preference for Dealing With Questions
Unit 11 Distributing Handouts
Unit 12 Introducing and Explaining Charts, Graphs, and Pictures
Unit 13 Explaining Trends
Unit 14 Definition and Restatement
Unit 15 Giving Examples
Unit 16 Emphasizing Significant Points
Unit 17 Contextualizing a Point
Unit 18 Making a Point With a Rhetorical Question
Unit 19 Addressing the Audience
Unit 20 Listing Points
Unit 21 Listing Points in a Specific Sequence
Unit 22 Linking the Parts of Your Presentation
Unit 23 Signposting
Unit 24 Making Predictions
Unit 25 Making Recommendations

Part 5 Phrases for Concluding Your Presentation
Unit 26 Concluding With a Summary
Unit 27 Inviting Questions and Responding to Them
Unit 28 Saying Thank You and Goodbye


Ian Andrew Mckinnon

Ian McKinnon 加拿大瑞吉納大學(The University of Regina)畢業,主修英文,副修語言學。現於Acer任職,負責撰寫英文網站內容,描述產品內容和特色。在加拿大曾擔任英語新聞週報撰寫者和英文老師,在台北曾經擔任英文老師和作家,撰寫過旅遊文章以及技術文件和手冊。也曾經於公司教授簡報英語的課,非常了解英語簡報的技巧和內容。

作 者: Ian Andrew Mckinnon
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2023-06-17
ISBN : 9786263000599
書 號: C1939-0834
書 系: 商用英語
裝 訂: 平裝,膠裝
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條 碼: 9786263000599
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