English POWER-On 1: Building Vocabulary & Reading Skills (2nd Ed.) (16K+1MP3)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)

作 者: Amanda J. Freerksen
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2018-07-25
ISBN : 9789863187080
書 號: C48071601
書 系: Reading & Vocabulary
版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.
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閱讀前Pre-reading Warm-up 暖身題型 針對主題精心設計開放式暖身題型,幫助引導學生思考主題重點,輔以主題相關圖解單字補充(Vocabulary Tool Kit),協助閱讀前掌握主題內容,有效增進文章吸收與理解力。

閱讀中Reading Passage 主題文章 收錄12大類不同主題、36篇短篇文章,主題豐富多元,範圍涵蓋旅遊、動物、人物、藝術與文學、體育、商業、娛樂、科學與科技、文化、健康、電腦和網路等多元內容,廣泛深入提供全方位有系統的學習。

閱讀後After Reading Activities 多元活用題型 文章閱讀後,備有多元活用題型,幫助充分熟悉主題字彙,強化閱讀理解。題型內容包括:
• Reading Skill 閱讀技巧練習:詳介各種閱讀技巧,包括邏輯推理(Making Inferences)、結論歸納(Drawing Conclusions)、因果辨析(Identifying Causes and Effects)、釐清文章主旨及細節(Distinguishing Main Ideas and Supporting Details)、文本特徵分析(Evaluating Text Features)等,並提供文意測驗以練習應用閱讀技巧,幫助加深印象。
• Word Study 字彙練習:針對文章關鍵字,分析字首字尾,衍伸相關單字練習,有效加強字彙理解,擴充字彙量。
• Exercise 綜合練習:包含閱讀理解測驗(Reading Comprehension)、關鍵字彙練習(Target Vocabulary)、批判思考問答(Critical Thinking) 等練習題,協助徹底掌握文章核心概念,完整熟練關鍵字彙。


The book is for intermediate English learners and is useful for vocabulary and reading instruction at the college level.

The English POWER-On: Building Vocabulary and Reading Skills series is comprised of three books catering to English learners of different proficiency levels. Each book contains 18 units and 36 lessons that provide attractive reading material on different themes and various topics, including Travel, Animals, People, Art & Literature, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Science & Technology, Computers & the Internet, and Nature. This series offers you valuable practice with real English and a wealth of reading strategies and activities designed to help you build your vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Each lesson of the book is divided into three main parts that serve different functions and purposes.

Before you read, each Pre-reading Warm-up exercise provides discussion questions to help you warm up your brain, increase your comprehension of the article, and familiarize you with the main topic.

As you read, each short Reading Passage covers one of the many interesting topics and genres in the book, and points out target words and phrases to enhance your vocabulary and reading competence as well as foster your skills in appropriate word usage.

After you read, this section provides you with different kinds of after-reading activities, including:
• Reading Skill practices reading skills such as Making Inferences, Drawing Conclusions, Identifying Causes and Effects, Distinguishing Main Ideas and Supporting Details, and Evaluating Text Features.
• Word Study reinforces the appropriate usage of words and phrases.
• Exercise consists of Reading Comprehension, Target Vocabulary, and Critical Thinking.
These after-reading activities will help you gain a better understanding of the article and also build up your vocabulary and reading skills.


Unit 1 Travel旅遊
Lesson 1 The Backpackers背包客
Lesson 2 The Big Apple: New York大蘋果:紐約

Unit 2 Animals動物
Lesson 3 Animal Friends動物朋友
Lesson 4 Jane Goodall: A life With Chimpanzees珍古德:猩猩相惜的人生

Review 1
Lesson 5 Pricey Places to Live高物價的居住地
Lesson 6 World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) 世界自然基金會

Unit 3 People人物
Lesson 7 Taylor Swift: Old Versus New新版泰勒絲vs. 舊版泰勒絲
Lesson 8 A Serious Look at Margaret Sanger一探瑪格麗特•桑格的一生

Unit 4 Arts & Literature藝術與文學
Lesson 9 The Greek Tragedy希臘悲劇
Lesson 10 Mosaic Art馬賽克藝術

Review 2
Lesson 11 Anne Frank: A History for Today緬懷安妮•法蘭克
Lesson 12 The Renaissance文藝復興

Unit 5 Sports體育
Lesson 13 Red Sox Curse紅襪隊的詛咒
Lesson 14 A Legendary Player傳奇運動員

Unit 6 Business商業
Lesson 15 A Car . . . or a Ghost? 是汽車……抑或幽靈?
Lesson 16 The Fair Trade Movement公平貿易運動

Review 3
Lesson 17 The Championships at Wimbledon溫布頓網球錦標賽
Lesson 18 How to Avoid Impulse Shopping如何避免衝動購物

Unit 7 Entertainment娛樂
Lesson 19 Beautify Your Selfies! 美化你的自拍照!
Lesson 20 Woodstock胡士托音樂節

Unit 8 Science & Technology科學與科技
Lesson 21 Black Holes黑洞
Lesson 22 Solar Energy太陽能

Review 4
Lesson 23 Fantasy Friend or Foe? 奇幻文學:是友是敵?
Lesson 24 Mom vs. Technology老媽vs.高科技

Unit 9 Culture文化
Lesson 25 Cosplay角色扮演
Lesson 26 Funerals葬禮

Unit 10 Health健康
Lesson 27 Hypnosis催眠
Lesson 28 Phantom Limb Pain (PLP) 幻肢疼痛

Review 5
Lesson 29 Geekculture101.com認識怪咖
Lesson 30 Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) 聽力損失

Unit 11 Computers & the Internet電腦與網路
Lesson 31 A Shift in Reality扭轉實境
Lesson 32 The Internet of What?! 什麼什麼網?!

Unit 12 Nature自然
Lesson 33 Weather Prediction氣象預報
Lesson 34 Ice Age冰河時期

Review 6
Lesson 35 Internet Safety網路安全
Lesson 36 Volcanoes火山


Amanda J. Freerksen

Amanda J. Freerksen is a primary school teacher in San Diego, California, specializing in bilingual and cross-cultural education. Her undergraduate studies at New York University and her passion for the English language have lead her to pursue various endeavors involving English Language Development for speakers of other languages, including teaching at a language camp in Switzerland. When she is not writing or teaching, she enjoys traveling with her husband, Isaiah Freerksen. 美國紐約大學(New York University)學士,專長為雙語及跨文化教育。基於對英語的熱情,畢生致力於推動英語教學發展,並以從事教授外國人英文為主。曾在瑞士(Switzerland)一語言學習營任教。寫作與教學之餘,喜愛和丈夫Isaiah Freerksen一同享受旅遊之樂。

作 者: Amanda J. Freerksen
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2018-07-25
ISBN : 9789863187080
書 號: C48071601
書 系: Reading & Vocabulary
裝 訂: 平裝
尺 寸: 16K (18.8*25.7cm)
條 碼: 9789863187080
印 刷: 彩色
頁 數: 200
版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.