SURE: Intermediate (Student's Book)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)

作 者: Martyn Hobbs / Julia Starr Keddle
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2015-03-25
ISBN : 9783990450703
書 號: IE000031
書 系: 進口書
版 權: Helbling Languages
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Level: B1+ Intermediate
• SURE is a new 4-level course book by successful author team Martyn Hobbs and Julia Starr Keddle for today's digitally native and globally aware students.
• SURE presents appealing, contemporary themes integrated within a grammar syllabus aligned with the CEFR and Cambridge English (Key, Preliminary and First) plus Trinity (ISE 0, I and II) exams.
• SURE is the result of extensive research carried out with students and teachers.
• SURE is an effective tool for the classroom which also allows students to learn autonomously at home.
• SURE guarantees a smooth and systematic start to each level thanks to its unique syllabus which revises previously learned language through a range of fresh new topics.

Student's Pack (for each level)
• Student's Book
• Helbling e-zone (access code on the Student's Book inside back cover)

Student-friendly material divided into 6 modules contains
a carefully structured flow of activities:
• grammar presentations with heads-up grammar work;
• engaging communication and skills lessons;
• innovative accuracy and fluency section;
• fun Pinboard

Further practice in the integrated Workbook provides plenty of grammar and vocabulary work, and exam-training reading and writing practice.

24 page Culture Dossier, and Grammar Reference section at the end of the book.

Teacher's Pack (for each level Teacher's Book, Class CDs, Video & Testbuilder CD-ROM
• Teacher's Book
• Class Audio CDs
• Testbuilder CD-ROM
• Video DVD
• Helbling e-zone (access code on the Teacher's Book inside back cover)

SURE Teacher's Book, written by well-known teachers and international teacher trainers, such as Terry Prosser and Sarah Seven, is packed with fresh, practical ideas and activities that really provide support and guidance for every lesson.

Specially developed Basic and Plus tests provide sufficient challenge for teachers to effectively evaluate student progress.
SURE's editable Testbuilder means teachers can tailor the tests themselves before printing.
Tests are also available in a ready-to-go print version.

Video stories, documentaries and vox pops are also included.

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作 者: Martyn Hobbs / Julia Starr Keddle
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2015-03-25
ISBN : 9783990450703
書 號: IE000031
書 系: 進口書
裝 訂: 平裝,膠裝
尺 寸: 菊8K (21.x28.5cm)
條 碼: 9783990450703
印 刷: 彩色
頁 數: 195
版 權: Helbling Languages