Absolute Financial English: All the Basics You Need to Know (菊8K+1MP3+字彙本)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)

作 者: Curtis M. Revis Seubert
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2012-05-15
ISBN : 9789861849904
書 號: C19350801
書 系: 商用英語
版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.
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- 企業財務狀況(Financial Situations in a Corporation)
- 貨幣與銀行(Money and Banking)
- 會計實務(Accounting)
- 交易與貿易(Trade and Commerce)
- 商業與投資(Business and Investment)
- 各項經濟議題(Economy Issues)



課前暖身 每小節文章前備有本課重點單字,可先瀏覽,增進閱讀理解,再將生字加以註記,閱讀文章時,依上下文確認單字字義,再對照別冊的單字表,熟讀正確解釋,充分擴充財經必備詞彙量。

短文閱讀 囊括各類基礎重點財經概念,包括損益觀念(Profit and Deficit)、會計原則(Accounting Principles)、進口與出口(Imports and Exports)、期貨與選擇權(Futures and Options)、國民生產毛額與國內生產毛額(GNP vs. GDP)等,搭配彩色圖表輔助解說,加深理解記憶。文末輔以財經相關小常識,及彩圖補充相關字彙,滿足專業領域需要,充分吸收財經知識。

詞彙釋義與練習 收錄超過600個財經、經濟必備詞彙用語,備有英英釋義,單字搭配彩圖,加強記憶連結,並以彩圖補充延伸資訊,及財經相關用語,集知識與美觀於一體。詞彙配合題訓練依英文解釋選擇正確詞彙,有效測驗對文章的閱讀理解程度。

課後測驗 包含多元題型演練,涵蓋選擇題 (Multiple Choice)、配合題 (Match)、克漏字(Fill in the Blanks)、是非題(True or False)等,題目多元活潑,培養財經概念應用能力,及對單字的理解與熟悉。


Key Features
Absolute Financial English: All the Basics You Need to Know is a textbook devised specifically for students studying in finance-related fields. Suitable for high-intermediate students and above, it contains six units and 44 sections covering a wide range of basic financial topics, including Financial Situations in a Corporation, Money and Banking, Accounting, Trade and Commerce, Business and Investment, and Economy Issues. It also includes a wealth of financial vocabulary and phrases, as well as explanations for financial idioms and metaphors.

This book provides learners with valuable exercises tailored to the topic of every section. Through various types of exercises, learners can increase their knowledge of the financial industry and its related terms. Primarily designed for classroom work, this book can also be used as a self-study reference and practice book to help learners prepare for a career in finance and enable those working in the finance industry to improve their financial English.

Book Structure

The book contains six units that present a total of 44 sections of teaching material and an introductory paragraph to each unit. Each section covers an essential, basic financial concept and is divided into four parts that serve different functions and purposes.

Pre-Reading Warm-Up focuses on the financial terms that appear in the section’s article. It helps learners familiarize themselves with the key vocabulary related to each topic and gives them the necessary background knowledge to improve their reading comprehension.

Article provides a short passage covering an essential financial topic. Learners will read about Profit and Deficit, Accounting Principles, Imports and Exports, Futures and Options, GNP vs. GDP, and more. The article explains basic financial concepts using key vocabulary to assist learners in understanding the financial world.

Vocabulary contains definitions of financial and economic terms with colorful pictures that help learners build financial language and make a difficult area of financial vocabulary easily and clearly accessible.

Exercises consist of various types of practices and activities, including Multiple Choice, Match, Fill in the Blanks, True or False, etc., which allow learners to practice using the main concepts and key vocabulary of the section in stimulating and methodical ways.

This book comes with an Audio MP3 and includes an English-Chinese Glossary that can be utilized in class and also for self-study.

Unit 1 Financial Situation in a Corporation 企業財務狀況
1-1 Profit and Loss 損益
1-2 Stock 股票
1-3 Financial Instrument 金融工具
1-4 Insider Dealing 內線交易
1-5 Financial Ratios 金融比率

Unit 2 Money and Banking 貨幣與銀行
2-1 Numbers 數字
2-2 Borrowing and Lending 借貸
2-3 The Money Supply 貨幣供給
2-4 Interest Rates 利率
2-5 Exchange Rates 匯率
2-6 Insurance 保險
2-7 Derivatives 衍生性貨幣

Unit 3 Accounting 會計
3-1 Accounting Principles 會計原則
3-2 Types of Assets 資產種類
3-3 Financial Statements 財務報表
3-4 Auditing 審計學
3-5 Cost Accounting 成本會計
3-6 Annual General Meetings 年度股東大會
3-7 Bankruptcy 破產相關法規

Unit 4 Trade and Commerce 交易與貿易
4-1 Ways of Selling 各類銷售方式
4-2 International Trade 國際貿易
4-3 Imports and Exports 進口與出口
4-4 Customs Duties 關稅條例
4-5 International Trade Regulation 國際貿易條例
4-6 WTO世界貿易組織
4-7 Pricing 標價原則

Unit 5 Business and Investment 商業與投資
5-1 Financial Management 金融財務管理
5-2 Starting Business 創業相關事項
5-3 Risk Assessment 風險管理
5-4 Rise and Fall 企業興衰
5-5 Corporation 企業併購
5-6 Futures and Options 期貨與選擇權
5-7 Bonds 證卷
5-8 Funds 基金

Unit 6 Economy Issues 經濟議題
6-1 Basic Terms of Economics 基本經濟名詞
6-2 Express the Content of Graphs 圖表表達法
6-3 Economic Cycle 經濟周期
6-4 Industries 工業發展
6-5 Government Revenue and Expenditure 政府稅收與支出
6-6 Inflation 通貨膨脹
6-7 Tax 稅務
6-8 Tax Report 稅務報表
6-9 Salary 薪資
6-10 GNP 國民生產毛額

English-Chinese Glossary字彙表(英漢對照)


Curtis M. Revis Seubert

美國愛達荷大學(University of Idaho)畢業,主修文學創作(Creative Writing),副修商業學(Business),曾修習商業與經濟課程。於網路和圖書出版過無數小說及非小說類作品。現定居日本,從事寫作與英語教學事業。 Curtis M. Revis Seubert studied Business and Economics at the University of Idaho, eventually receiving a B.A. in Creative Writing with a minor in Business. His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in numerous publications, both online and print. He runs his own business in Japan, where he writes and teaches English.

作 者: Curtis M. Revis Seubert
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2012-05-15
ISBN : 9789861849904
書 號: C19350801
書 系: 商用英語
裝 訂: 平裝,膠裝
尺 寸: 菊8K (21.5*30cm)
條 碼: 9789861849904
印 刷: 彩色
頁 數: 300
版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.