★Renting a Car 租車

A I’d like to rent a car.

B What kind of car would you like?

A Something that is medium-sized and gets good mileage.

B Would you prefer a Japanese car?

A Something in the 2-liter class that is easy to drive and has left-hand steering.

B Why don’t you try that model over there? May I see your driver’s license and credit card?


B 您要租什麼樣的車呢?

A 我想租比較省油的中型車。

B 您喜歡開日本車嗎?

A 只要好開就好,我要左駕的車,排氣量約2000c.c.左右。

B 那您可以試試那輛車,我可以看一下您的駕照和信用卡嗎?


★Booking a Car Rental Online 線上預訂租車

A Is it possible to book a car online next time, to save time?

B Yes, just visit our website. You can book your car there.

A What’s the booking process?

B Just choose your model and the date and location of your pick-up. We’ll have the car ready for you when you arrive.

A Is it cheaper to book a car online than in person?

B We often have Internet-only deals. So yes, it can be cheaper to rent online.


B 可以的,只要上我們的網站,就可以預訂租車。

A 預訂流程是什麼呢?

B 只要選擇您要預訂的車種,然後選定您的取車日期和地點。我們就會在您抵達時將車準備好。

A 線上預訂租車會比親自來租還便宜嗎?

B 我們通常會有線上專屬優惠價,所以線上預訂是有可能比較便宜。





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