Immigration Inspection 入境審查

A What’s the purpose of your visit?

B Sightseeing.

A How long are you going to stay in the United States?

B For seven days.

A Where will you be staying?

B I’ll stay at the Hilton Hotel.

A Do you have your return ticket?

B Yes. Here it is.

A 你來此的目的是什麼?

B 觀光。

A 你打算在美國停留多久?

B 七天。

A 你要住在哪裡?

B 我住希爾頓大飯店。

A 你有回程的機票嗎?

B 有的,在這裡。


Baggage Inspection 行李檢查

A Please bring your baggage here for inspection.

B Here you are, officer.

A Is all your baggage here?

B Yes, a camera bag, a travel bag, and a suitcase.

A Have you got anything to declare?

B No. I have only personal effects.

A 請把您的行李拿過來這裡檢查。

B 好的,先生。

A 您所有的行李都在這裡了嗎?

B 是的,一個相機包、一個旅行袋和一個行李箱。

A 有什麼要申報的嗎?

B 沒有,我只有一些私人用品。





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