Katharine needs stationery, and she's asking Barbara for help.



K: Hi, Barbara. I'm sending out business letters and I'm going to need letterhead and envelopes, but I can't find any in the copy room. Do I have to apply for stationery?


B: Oh, yes. There should be some forms you can use to apply in one of your desk drawers, but I've got some right here. Just check the boxes for the type of paper and the amount you need.


K: Wow, I've never seen these terms before. What's a "quire"?


B: Oh, they're just terms for measuring amounts of paper. Since you'll probably be sending lots of business letters, why don't you just get a ream? Then you can keep it at your desk and not bother with applying over and over again.


K: That sounds good. Oh, and I need a box of pens, too. And probably a stapler. Somehow I don't have any of that stuff!


B: You can order all of that. And while we're at it, let's order you some business cards!




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