★      Jacob is talking with Katherine about setting up a meeting.



J: I've been looking at the progress reports on the project. Rather than give you feedback individually, I think we should meet as a team.


K: Alright. When were you thinking of meeting?


J: Well, I'm not sure of everyone's schedules, but I'd like to do it soon. Tomorrow afternoon, if possible, or Wednesday morning. Do you think you could speak to everyone and set an exact time?


K: Certainly. You want to meet with the whole team, right? Do you want to include Barbara?


J: I don't think we need Barbara for this one. We can fill her in afterward.


K: OK. I'll touch base with everyone now and see if we can do two or three o'clock tomorrow. I have another meeting at four, so I can't do anything later than that. If not, I'll try to arrange something for Wednesday. Is any time before eleven alright?

好,我會聯絡大家,看明天下午兩點或三點行不行。我四點有其他會議要開,所以之後的時間不行。不行的話,我再安排星期三的時間,11 點前可以嗎?

J: Yes. Thanks, Katharine.




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