★    Katharine is asking Jacob about her responsibilities.


K:Jacob, can you tell me what I should do to finish this data entry project? I know that my main duties will be centered around analyzing the data, but should I start in on that right away? Should I write up a report on what I've done first?


J:Oh, it's not necessary to write a report on that. But before you start the analysis, I want you to read some of our previous reports, to get a sense of what we look for and how our analysis is organized, because you're going to be responsible for setting up the database that organizes our results. Because this is your first time, please show me the database before you start the analysis. I might want to make some changes.


K:OK. And will I be working on writing for this project?


J:I want you to stay focused on the data for now, so no, not this time. You'll get a chance to write soon, but in this position you are mainly going to be doing data-crunching.




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