★    Barbara is explaining the office layout1 to Katharine.


B:It can be easy to get turned around2 here, so let me show you around. The office is set up in two long corridors3 that begin at reception. The managers' offices are on the right; everything else is on the left.


K:I see.


B:Here's the kitchen, just down the hall4 from your cubicle5. Across from the kitchen is the mail room. That's where the fax and scanners are. If you need to send a letter, post it and put it into one of these cubby holes6 in the middle of the room. There are separate places for local, domestic, and international mail.


K:Got it.


B:The bathrooms are at the very end of this corridor. The door after the bathroom is the emergency exit, which goes to a stairway. Be careful, because that door locks automatically. If you get locked out, you have to walk down to the first floor and take the elevator back up.


K:Good to know!


B:The fifth floor of this building is ours, too; that's where the executives7 are. We share this floor with a consulting firm. The second and third floors are a small publishing company, and the first floor is all building maintenance. And, back to your cubicle. Your computer is hooked up to8 a printer that is just around that corner. Have you seen it?


K:Yes, I’m pretty comfortable with this area by now. Thanks for the tour.





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