★    Katharine is being introduced to her coworkers by her supervisor, Jacob Smith, on her first day of work.上班第一天,凱薩琳的主管雅各.史密斯將她介紹給同事們認識。

J:You might have met Barbara Polley on your way in. She's our receptionist and she'll tell you who's in, who's out, where to find us . . . she pretty much runs the place.


B:Hi, Katharine.


K:Nice to meet you, Barbara.


J:And this is Jason Smollet, another research assistant here. You'll probably end up working together a lot of the time. He's a good person to go to with questions or problems, before you ask someone else.


J:Welcome to ABC Tech, Katharine.

歡迎加入ABC 科技公司, 凱薩琳。

K:Thank you, it's a pleasure to meet you. Maybe I can set up6 a time to pick your brain?


J:Any time. I know it can be confusing around here at first!


J:And that's Samantha Barnet, our Human Resources Manager, just walking in. She'll probably be coming around to help you set up your paperwork, right, Samantha?





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