Finding the Way 問路

A Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the Hilton Hotel?

B Go straight down this street about five blocks, and you’ll see a drugstore on the corner. When you get there, turn right. You’ll see it just on your left.

A How long will it take me to get there on foot?

B About 7 minutes.

A I see. Thanks for your help.

A 不好意思,請問希爾頓飯店要怎麼走?

B 這條馬路直走大約五條街左右,轉角處有間藥房,看到藥房後右轉,右轉後的左手邊就可以看到了。

A 從這裡走過去要多久?

B 大概7分鐘左右。

A 哦,那我知道了,謝謝你。





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