★What's the Best Way to Get There? 請問要怎麼去最快呢?

A Excuse me. I’d like to go to the Bronx Zoo, but what’s the best way to get there?

B Let me see. You can take a bus, but the quickest way is to take the subway from here.

A Where is the nearest subway station?

B You can see Manhattan Station over there. The zoo is about a 10-minute walk from the East Tremont Avenue station.

A You have been a great help. Thank you for your kindness.

A 不好意思,我要去布隆克斯動物園,請問要怎麼去最快呢?

B 嗯,你可以搭公車去,但是最快的方法是搭地鐵。

A 那最近的地鐵車站在哪裡?

B 就在那邊,那是曼哈頓站。到了東崔蒙大道站,下車再走10分鐘左右就到動物園了。

A 你幫了我大忙,謝謝你。


★Calling a Taxi With a Smartphone App用手機叫計程車

A Could you call me a taxi?

B Do you know about our city’s taxi app?

A No, I don’t. Could you tell me about it?

B It’s a free app that allows you to call a taxi from anywhere in the city.

A How do I use it?

B It’s very simple. Just download the app on your smartphone.

A OK. Done.

B Now you need to enter your credit card details and destination.

A And after that?

B Just tap on ‟Call a Taxi“ and a nearby taxi will come to pick you up.


B 您知道我們市內的計程車叫車程式嗎?

A 不,我不知道。可以跟我說更詳細嗎?

B 這是一款免費的應用程式,可以讓您在本市內任何地方叫車。

A 要怎麼使用呢?

B 非常簡單。只要在您的智慧型手機上下載程式。

A 好,下好了。

B 接著您需要輸入信用卡資訊,與您的目的地。

A 然後呢?

B 只要按下「立即叫車」的按鈕,位於附近的計程車就會前來接您。





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