★Confirm Reservation 確認訂位

A Hello. I’d like to confirm my reservation. My name is Anne Lin.

B What’s your name again, please?

A L-I-N, Lin.

B I see. What’s your flight number?

A I’m on Flight 724 to London on October 31.

B Hold on, please . . . Yes, Flight 724 for London, departing on October 31, is confirmed.


B 麻煩您再說一次您的姓氏。

A L-I-N,林。

B 了解。請問您是搭哪一個班次?

A 10月31日到倫敦的724號班機。

B 請您稍候一下⋯⋯您預訂10月31日飛往倫敦的724號班機,已經幫您確認好了。


★Checking In 辦理登機手續

A I’d like to check in.

B May I have your ticket and passport, please?

A Here you are. I’d like a window seat.

B No problem. Put your baggage on the scale, please.

A All right.

B OK. Here’s your ticket, boarding pass, passport and baggage claim tag. You’ll be boarding at Gate 8. The boarding time is 9 a.m.

A Thank you very much.

A 我要辦理登機手續。

B 請給我您的機票和護照。

A 在這裡。我想要靠窗的座位。

B 沒問題。請把行李放在磅秤上。

A 好。

B 可以了。這是您的機票、登機證、護照和行李提領證。您的登機時間是早上9點,請由8號登機門登機。

A 非常謝謝你。


★Going Through the E-gate 自動查驗通關

A Shouldn’t we be going this way to passport control?

B Let’s go through the e-gates.

A E-gates? I’ve never done that.

B Come on, I’ll show you. It’s easy. Lots of airports have them now.

A What do I need to do to go through an e-gate?

B Just let the machine scan your passport and then look at the monitor. At some airports, I think you need to leave your fingerprints.

A Sounds very convenient!


B 我們去走自動查驗通關吧。

A 自動查驗通關?我從來沒使用過。

B 來吧,我來教你,這個很簡單,現在很多機場都有。

A 走自動查驗通關應該怎麼做呢?

B 只要讓機器掃描你的護照,然後看向螢幕。有些機場還需要留下你的指紋紀錄。

A 聽起來好方便!




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