★ in step (with) 步調一致;與周圍環境一致

 。in step with the times 與時代一致

 。Kitty and her mother wore pretty pink dresses and danced in step with each other.



★ out of step 步調不一致;與周圍環境不一致

 。out of step with the modern world 與現代世界不協調

 。Wade is out of step with this new decade.



★ step by step = one step at a time = by degrees 逐步地

Sue told Bob, "Let's take our relationship slow and one step at a time, because I need to complete my education and get a job."

"Yes," he agreed and then added, "We'll take our time and go step by step, because that's what we both need.”



※ 本文節錄自《Don't Say It! 600個你一定會錯的英文(20K彩色版)


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