•  brake () 剎車
My car needs new brakes.

•  break () 打破
Don't break anything in the china shop.


•  buy ()
How much can you buy with so little money?

•  by ()
The tired runner fell by the roadside.

•  bye (感嘆詞) 再見
Bye! Have a nice day!


•  cache () 隱藏處
The burglar's cache held all the loot from the robbery.

•  cash () 現金
I don't have enough cash to pay for dinner.


•  ceiling () 天花板
The ceiling must be painted as well.

•  sealing () 密封(seal的現在分詞)
She is sealing the envelope with wax.


•  cell () 牢房
Let the villain rot in his cell.

•  sell ()
He will sell his car through the classifieds.


•  cent () 一分錢
One cent used to buy a stick of gum.

•  scent () 氣味
The dog's keen nose picked up the scent.

•  sent () 送(send的過去式)
The teacher sent the student to the principal.


•  cereal () 麥片
Cold cereal with bananas sounds like a fine breakfast.

•  serial ()連續的
These murders appear to be the work of a serial killer.





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