★    Katharine is asking Jacob about her responsibilities.


K:Jacob, can you tell me what I should do to finish this data entry project? I know that my main duties will be centered around analyzing the data, but should I start in on that right away? Should I write up a report on what I've done first?

雅各,你可以告訴我要做什麼好完成資料輸入嗎?我知道我主要的工作 ...


★    Randal is talking to his supervisor, Lawrence, about the company's organization.


L:Here's our organizational chart1, Randal. As you can see, in the end we are all accountable to2 the Board of Directors. Glenn Wilson deals with them most of the time, and Penelope Granger handles more of the operations side of things.

藍道,這是我們的組織圖。如你所見 ...


★    Katharine wants to go out for lunch. She asks Barbara about restaurants nearby.


K:I was wondering if there are any places to eat within walking distance1?


B:Well, across the street from the building is a shopping center. There's a Mexican restaurant there, and a sandwich shop, and there's a s ...


★    Barbara is explaining the office layout1 to Katharine.


B:It can be easy to get turned around2 here, so let me show you around. The office is set up in two long corridors3 that begin at reception. The managers' offices are on the right; everything else is on the left.

這裡很容易迷路,所以我先帶妳到處逛逛。從接待處這裡開始,辦公室在兩條長廊上。經理辦 ...


★    Katharine goes to her new supervisor's office to introduce herself.凱薩琳到新主管的辦公室自我介紹。

J:Come in, welcome.


K:It's very nice to see you.


J:And you. How are you settling in so far? Has Barbara got you all set up?


K:Oh yes, she's been really helpful. Everyone has. I'm working on learning ...


★    Katharine is being introduced to her coworkers by her supervisor, Jacob Smith, on her first day of work.上班第一天,凱薩琳的主管雅各.史密斯將她介紹給同事們認識。

J:You might have met Barbara Polley on your way in. She's our receptionist and she'll tell you who's in, who's out, where to find us . . . she pretty much runs the place.

妳進公司時,可能就已經見過芭芭拉.波利了。她是公司的 ...




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