From 寄件人: Jacob Smith ([email protected])

To收件人: Joyce Stern ([email protected])

Subject主旨: Tentative work plan for the Myers report 麥爾斯報告的暫定工作計畫

Attachment附加檔案: Myers report work plan.doc


Dear Joyce親愛的喬伊絲,

Attached is the tentative work plan for the Myers report, as promised. After I receive your comments, I'll distribute it to the staff and get thei ...


★    Katharine is late for work.


K:Hi, Jacob. I'm so sorry I'm late—there was terrible traffic. There had been an accident and they shut down both lanes of Route six for an hour. Traffic was backed up for miles!

早,雅各。很抱歉我來晚了,交通狀況很糟。路上發生車禍,6 號公路雙線道路都因此關閉了一小時,交通一團糟,塞車塞到好幾哩外!

J:Oh wow. That must have been ...


★    Katharine wants to take a day off to visit with her parents.


Dear Jacob,

As I might have mentioned, my family will be coming for a visit next weekend. They are flying in from Montana and will be arriving at the airport late Friday morning. I would really appreciate it if I could take a personal day on Friday to pick them up at the airport and get them settle ...


★    Shannon is handling the telephones at ABC Industries.

雪儂正接聽ABC 企業的一通來電。

S:Good morning, ABC Industries. This is Shannon speaking; how may I help you?


C:Hello, I'd like to speak to Bob Carmody, please.


S:I'm sorry, Mr. Carmody isn't available1 at the moment. Would you like his voice mail?

很 ...


★    Shannon, the new temp, is taking on Barbara's telephone duties.


B:OK, Shannon, I'm on my way out. Are you up to dealing with the phones?


S:No sweat.



★    Shannon answers the phone again.


S:Good morning, ABC Industries. This is Shannon speaking; ho ...


★    Colleagues are talking about their weekends on a Monday morning.


B:Good morning, Katharine. How was your weekend? I saw your pictures on Facebook; it seems like you had a good time!


K:Oh, it was pretty nice. I went outside and enjoyed the sunshine a lot. How about yo ...


★    Katharine is asking Jacob about her responsibilities.


K:Jacob, can you tell me what I should do to finish this data entry project? I know that my main duties will be centered around analyzing the data, but should I start in on that right away? Should I write up a report on what I've done first?

雅各,你可以告訴我要做什麼好完成資料輸入嗎?我知道我主要的工作 ...