★    Katharine is late for work.


K:Hi, Jacob. I'm so sorry I'm late—there was terrible traffic. There had been an accident and they shut down both lanes of Route six for an hour. Traffic was backed up for miles!

早,雅各。很抱歉我來晚了,交通狀況很糟。路上發生車禍,6 號公路雙線道路都因此關閉了一小時,交通一團糟,塞車塞到好幾哩外!

J:Oh wow. That must have been annoying. I'm glad you're here—we were just worried about you. Next time, please call if you're going to be late. We don't mind—everybody oversleeps sometimes. Just let us know.


K:Yes, I'm sorry about that. I wanted to call, but I forgot to charge my phone last night and it died.


J:Never mind. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day.


K:You too. Sorry again.




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