The Wonderful Wizard of Oz(25K原著刪節彩圖英文版+1MP3)

作 者: L. Frank Baum
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2009-06-05
ISBN : 9789861845357
書 號: C40142501
書 系: Classic Reader
版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.
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A cyclone is coming!
When Dorothy was halfway across the room, a strange thing happened.
The house whirled around two or three times and rose slowly through the air. Dorothy felt as if she were going up in a balloon.
Dorothy got over her fright and resolved to wait calmly and see what the future would bring...

Folklore, legends, myths and fairy tales have followed childhood through the ages. They have brought more happiness to childish hearts than all other human creations.
The story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is written solely to please children of today. It aspires to being a modernized fairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and the heartaches and nightmares are left out.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was originally published in 1900 by L. Frank Baum (1856-1919). Baum has created a wonderland out of a cornfield Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, the cowardly Lion, and a humbug wizard and witches. This story has stirred the imaginations of young and old through generations. Follow Dorothy's adventure and you'll find an unforgettable journey in the Land of Oz.

1. The Cyclone 龍捲風
2. The Council with the Munchkins 遇見夢趣郡的居民
3. How Dorothy Saved the Scarecrow 救出稻草人
4. The Rescue of the Tin Woodman 拯救鐵錫樵夫
5. The Cowardly Lion 膽小的獅子
6. The Deadly Poppy Field 致命的罌粟花田
7. The Queen of the Field Mice 田鼠皇后
8. The Guardian of the Gates 大門守衛
9. The Emerald City of Oz 奧茲的翡翠城
10. The Search for the Wicked Witch 尋找邪惡女巫
11. 14. The Discovery of Oz, the Terrible 露出馬腳
12. The Magic Art of the Great Humbug 大騙子的魔法
13. How the Balloon Was Launched 熱氣球怎麼起飛的
14. The Lion Becomes the King of Beasts 獅子成為萬獸之王
15. The Country of the Quadlings 垮德林人的國度
16. Glinda The Good Witch Grants Dorothy's Wish 善良女巫葛琳達實現了女孩的願望


L. Frank Baum

【李曼·法蘭克·鮑姆】(L. Frank Baum, 1856–1919) 鮑姆是美國作家,也是一位演員、報紙編輯,並曾任獨立電影的監製。 第一本童話著作是《鵝媽媽故事集》(Mother Goose in Prose),三年後出版了《綠野仙蹤》(The Wonderful Wizard of Oz),這本書讓他揚名立萬,之後又陸續創作了14本奧茲國系列作品,一生約創作了約50本著作。 包姆又被譽為當代童書世界的安徒生和格林兄弟,正如他在自序中所言,他要創造的是一個沒有以血腥恐怖傳達教化意味、只有歡笑愉悅的世界。 他曾說:「我的書,是為那些有年輕心靈的人們而寫,不論他們的實際年齡為何。」而我們也看到,他的故事是如何在世界各地為人所喜愛、所傳頌著。

作 者: L. Frank Baum
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2009-06-05
ISBN : 9789861845357
書 號: C40142501
書 系: Classic Reader
裝 訂: 平裝
尺 寸: 25K (14.8*21cm)
條 碼: 9789861845357
印 刷: 四色
頁 數: 112
版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.