Unveiling Greek Mythology(2)(彩圖英文版25K+1MP3)

作 者: James Baldwin
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2008-06-20
ISBN : 9789861843438
書 號: C37042501
書 系: Greek Mythology
版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.
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Perhaps no other stories have ever been told so often or listened to with so much pleasure as the classic tales of ancient Greece.

They have become so incorporated into our language and thought, and so interwoven with our literature, that we could not do away with them now if we would. They are a portion of our heritage from the distant past, and they form perhaps as important a part of our intellectual life as they did of that of the people among whom they originated.

In order that the young people of our own country and time may be the better able to read these stories in the light in which they were narrated long ago, I have told them in simple language.

I have hoped thus to free the narrative still more from everything that might detract from its interest simply as a story.





1 The Story of Perseus 柏修斯的故事
1) Danae and the Golden Shower 黛妮和黃金雨
2) The Wooden Chest and Exile木箱和流放
3) The Quest of Medusa’s Head 尋找梅杜莎的頭
4) Mercury's Winged Slippers 墨丘利的神奇涼鞋
5) The Gray Sisters: With One Eye and One Tooth單眼獨牙的格雷三姊妹
6) The Western Maidens and the Tree of Golden Apples 西方三少女和金蘋果樹
7) The Dreadful Gorgons可怕的蛇髮三女妖
8) Andromeda and The Sea Beast 安德柔美妲和海怪
9) Medusa’s Head and Turning Into Stone 看到梅杜莎的頭,變成石頭
10) The Death of Grandfather 誤殺祖父

2 The Origins of Athens 雅典城的由來
1) King of Athens: Cecrops 雅典的國王凱克羅普斯
2) Athena Named Her City: Athens 雅典娜為雅典城命名

3 The Adventures of Theseus (I) 鐵修斯的歷險記 (I)
1) Unstable Athens政局不安的雅典城
2) Theseus Lifting the Stone 鐵修斯舉起重石
3) The Robber Giant: Club-Carrier 鐵棒巨人
4) Pine-Bender: Sinis 彎松巨人西尼斯
5) Perigune and Asparagus 派瑞金和蘆筍
6) Vile Sciron 被大海與大地唾棄的斯克戎
7) Wrestler of Wrong-Doer愛摔角的壞國王
8) The Stretcher: Procrustes 鐵床拉人魔
9) Returning Home 歸鄉
10) The Wicked Witch: Medea 邪惡女巫梅黛亞

4 The Wonderful Artisan 神奇的工匠
1) Perdix and Partridge佩狄克斯和山鶉
2) The King of Crete: Minos 克里特國王:米諾斯
3) Minotaur and Labyrinth 米諾陶和迷宮
4) Daedalus Wings 人類的雙翅
5) The Fall of Icarus and Icarian Sea 伊卡洛斯的墜海和伊卡里亞海

5 The Adventures of Theseus (II) 鐵修斯的歷險記 (II)
1) The Cruel Tribute殘忍的貢品
2) Bound for Crete 前往克里特島
3) The Princess: Ariadne亞莉阿德妮公主
4) The Labyrinth and the Aegean Sea 迷宮和愛琴海


作 者: James Baldwin
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2008-06-20
ISBN : 9789861843438
書 號: C37042501
書 系: Greek Mythology
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條 碼: 9789861843438
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