English for Specialized Science and Technology (2nd ed.) (16K+1MP3+Word Book)(With No Answer Key/無附解答)

作 者: JoAnne Juett
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2016-02-18
ISBN : 9789863184287
書 號: C44251601
書 系: ESP 專業英文
版 權: Cosmos Culture Ltd.
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English for Specialized Science and Technology is a textbook designed for students studying in science and technology related fields, as well as for general readers interested in scientific and technical subjects.

What is the design of this book?
This book has 46 chapters. Each chapter is an article that models a scientific or technical essay and is followed by several sets of exercises designed to help the reader identify vocabulary specific to scientific and technology writing.

What is the purpose of this book?
The aim of this book is to help students develop basic skills in reading science and technology related publications, including essays, magazines, reports, etc.

Using context clues and word analysis, the reader will engage in discovering meaning and use of 15—20 subject-related words in each article. By working through each chapter of this book, the student will enhance his or her vocabulary skills and analytical reading skills.

Besides vocabulary and reading skill development, this textbook also provides excellent resources for research on current scientific and technical topics.

What is the content of this book?
Contained in this book are 46 chapters of information about some of the most recent and exciting topics in the scientific and technical area. It includes Green Building, Biomedical Engineering, Hybrid Cars, Stem Cells, Semiconductors and Energy Efficiency, Nanomanufacturing, Mobile Computing, Food Biotechnology, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Spacecraft Systems, Light Pollution, and Mars etc.





Unit 1
Chapter 1  TAIPEI 101 台北101大樓
Chapter 2  Anti-Terrorism in Structural Design 反恐的建築設計
Chapter 3  Green Building 環保建築
Unit 2
Chapter 4  Scooter Engine 機車引擎
Chapter 5  Biomedical Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) 生物醫學工程
Chapter 6  Hybrid Cars 油電混合動力車
Unit 3
Chapter 7  Deadly Infectious Diseases 致命的傳染病
Chapter 8  Obesity Crisis 肥胖危機
Chapter 9  Secrets to a Healthy Life 健康生活的秘訣
Unit 4
Chapter 10  Stem Cells 幹細胞
Chapter 11  Gene therapy 基因療法
Chapter 12  Orphan Drugs 罕見疾病藥物
Unit 5
Chapter 13  Light-emitting semiconductors 發光半導體
Chapter 14  Semiconductors and Environmental Safety Issues 半導體與環境安全
Chapter 15  Semiconductors and Energy Efficiency 半導體與能源效率
Unit 6
Chapter 16  Introduction to Nanotechnology 奈米科技簡介
Chapter 17  Disruptive Technologies 破壞性科技
Chapter 18  Nanomanufacturing 奈米製造技術
Unit 7
Chapter 19  Wireless Network 無線網路
Chapter 20  USB Technology USB技術
Unit 8
Chapter 21  Mobile Computing 行動計算技術
Chapter 22  The Internet 網際網路
Chapter 23  Artificial Intelligence 人工智慧
Unit 9
Chapter 24  Conservation Farming 保育農業
Chapter 25  Food Biotechnology 食品生物技術
Chapter 26  Agrifood Nanotechnology 農業食品奈米科技
Unit 10
Chapter 27  Energy Recovery Systems 能源回收系統
Chapter 28  Nuclear Energy 核子能源
Chapter 29  Renewable Energy 可再生能源
Unit 11
Chapter 30  Earthquakes and Tsunamis 地震與海嘯
Chapter 31  Satellite Oceanography 衛星海洋學
Chapter 32  Volcanoes 火山
Unit 12
Chapter 33  Tropical Weather Disturbances 熱帶天氣擾動
Chapter 34  Water Management 水管理
Chapter 35  Climate Change 氣候變遷
Unit 13
Chapter 36  Forest And Their Threats 森林與森林危機
Chapter 37  Waste Reduction And Management 廢棄物減量與管理
Chapter 38  Human Stress On the Environment 人為的環境壓迫
Unit 14
Chapter 39  Telescopes 望遠鏡
Chapter 40  Spacecraft Systems 太空船系統
Chapter 41  Emerging Space Technologies 新興太空技術
Unit 15
Chapter 42  Light Pollution 光害
Chapter 43  Mars 火星
Chapter 44  High Speed Penetrators 高速穿透鏡
Unit 16
Chapter 45  Types Of U.S. Patents 美國專利類型
Chapter 46  Global Intellectual Property Rights 全球智慧財產權


JoAnne Juett

美國喬治亞大學(The University of Georgia)比較文學博士,曾任美國威斯康辛大學烏克列分校(University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire)英文系助理教授,學術專長為科技英文。她曾出版並發表跨學門研究與修辭學、宗教與科學語藝研究、數位科技、讀寫能力、敘事理論與性別研究等相關領域的論文,也寫過探討酷兒理論與電影的書籍。她的先生Samuel Juett同為博士,負責美國國務院海外公共行政事務。JoAnne Juett 博士現於美國擔任管理顧問公司主管職。 JoAnne Juett graduated from University of Georgia with a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. JoAnne has been a director of Freshman English at University of Louisiana. She has taught Scientific and Technical Writing, Business Communications, Composition, Literature and Theory, Linguistics, and Humanities. She is now an assistant professor in English Department at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

作 者: JoAnne Juett
出版社: 寂天文化
出版日: 2016-02-18
ISBN : 9789863184287
書 號: C44251601
書 系: ESP 專業英文
裝 訂: 平裝,膠裝
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條 碼: 9789863184287
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